10 Theses on Politics and Carrying out Gender Politics Essay


There will be two documents that need to be read, along with the following quotes you should be writing about. YOU ARE NOT TO SUMMARIZE THESE READINGS! You are to bring your own ideas, or agree / disagree with the author. Use Chicago citations (use one to two quotes). 
>Jacques Ranciere “10 Theses on Politics,” p.30
Politics is a specific break with the logic of the arkhe. It does not simply presuppose a break withthe ‘normal’ distribution of positions that defines who exercises power and who is subject to it. Italso requires a break with the idea that there exists dispositions ‘specific’ to these positions.
John Branstetter “Carrying Out Gender Politics, p. 5
“The dominant way of knowing in the academy is that of empirical observation and critical analysis from a distanced perspective…This is a view from above the object of inquiry: knowledge that is anchored in paradigm and secured in print” (Conquergood 2002, 146). Contemporary academic political theory, despite its occasional protestations, broadly embraces this kind of knowing. This mode of theorizing, however, has not always been the only, or even dominant mode of philosophical expression in all times and cultural contexts. Outside of the Euro-American tradition, performance, in various manifestations, has counted as a valid way of intervening in debates over social norms.”

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