4.3 Proposal Project Submission – Organizing and Staffing


Part 3 – Organizing and Staffing

A. Organizing

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The second function of management to address is organizing. There are many moving parts to your fundraising event, and organizing them will be key to ensuring no resource gets missed or wasted.

Using the known information and the concepts learned in class, create and present your organizational structure in the second section of the proposal you began last week. You can use a template in Excel® titled organizational chart to visually show your organizational chart. You can create a chart in Excel® and take a screen shot and put it into your document. Then, below your organization chart, make sure you include the answers to the following questions:

Explain who reports directly to you and why you selected them.

Describe what their responsibilities will be.

Explain who else they interact with, and how they will interact.

B. Staffing

Human resource planning is essential in any organization, even a volunteer one. While you will not be conducting formal interviews of your team members, you need to have at least a basic understanding of the job responsibilities so you can make decisions on where they will make the biggest impact. For this section of your proposal, you will present a breakdown of the following:

Summarize the groups/teams you envision needing for your event.

How many volunteers may be needed for each? Explain your reasoning.

Describe how you plan to communicate with your team(s), including explanations of:

how often you will communicate.

what form(s) of communication you will use.

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