A Bright Line Test


It is obvious that, objectively speaking, there is no ethical bright
line test for society to follow. Whether dealing in Business, Law,
Journalism, etc. no two realms have the same ethical guidelines. What
is accepted in one faction of society is not always accepted and/or
ethical in another faction. Moreover, what is accepted in one situation
is not always then again accepted in a subsequent similar situation.
What then is the bottom line? The bottom line is – there is no accepted
bottom line. We all come to our own ethical make-up based on the
positions we hold, the religions we hold ourselves out to be and the
experiences we have live through. What is your ethical make up?In a 2-3 page paper, analyze how to ethically guide your life. Do so
through determining a set of standards to live by. Furthermore,
differentiate where those standards derived from. Finally, conclude how
you know these standards are right and/or wrong.
Please be sure to give at least five examples of ethical standards
in which everyone should live by. Be sure to use proper APA formatting
including a cover page

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