Abia Polytechnic University Literacy Program for Immigrants Discussion

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Reflect on the following two questions below. Answer them thoroughly and be sure to discuss and analyze the key concepts for the readings and resources in module 7.  Include in your discussion a clear linkage to at least the following learning object: 
1. Let’s say you want to show that you will sustain a literacy program for immigrants in your community if the Lee Foundation gives you a grant to cover the first year. How will you convince the foundation that your program is not a “one – year wonder”? Please use as many ideas and examples as possible from the posted readings (remember to cite were appropriate).
2) If awarded a grant, carry out the program, being as faithful to your original proposal as possible. Avoid promising to do anything you know you canÂ’t do! If you get the grant, youÂ’re obligated. A good rule of thumb: under -promise, then over -deliver.
What if an organization asks you to write a grant, but once youÂ’re into the process, you realize it doesnÂ’t have the capacity to carry out the program as specified in the RFP or funding announcement? How would you handle that situation?

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