ABS impact of Leadership Styles and Negotiation Question


Scenario Throughout this assessment, you will distinguish between individual and team psychology, evaluate the impact of leadership styles, interpret key areas of negotiation, analyze the dynamics of team participation in a global environment, analyze the role of team psychology in managing conflict, and distinguish the role of ethics on team psychology. Case: Capital Energy is a new company in the Clean Energy sector. In an effort to save money, they are considering switching to a cheaper battery. The battery company, Tilt Battery, has 10 years in the industry and would represent a 20 percent savings. Tom, the VP of Public Relations at Capital Energy, says his intern has heard rumors about Tilt Battery dumping toxic elements into the environment. Tom, 50, has 20 years of experience in energy. His communication style is direct. Before deciding if the company will switch to Tilt Battery, Kim, the CEO, has ordered a team to be assembled to research the allegations and fit of Tilt Battery with Capital Energy. Kim, 60, has 5 years of CEO experience and 10 years in leadership roles. She is a master delegator and expects results without excuses. Kim has demanded Tom lead the team since he mentioned the problem. He will need to bring facts and recommendations to the next senior leadership meeting in three weeks. All team members require Kim’s approval to be considered for the team. Tom has assembled Joe, Lisa, Marie, and Karl to help in this endeavor. Here is some background on each person. Marie, 40, is the VP of Legal and Compliance with 3 years at Capital Energy and has a passive communication style. She is a supporter of peers but does not like teams. Joe, 31, is an Intern at Capital Energy. He suspects Tilt Battery of unethical behavior based on rumors. Joe is a recent graduate with a Master in Environmental Studies and a Bachelor in Solar Engineering. His communications style is direct, and he has many ideas. Lisa, 29, is a new staff employee at Capital Energy with prior experience at a battery factory for 4 years. She has strong opinions about most topics and does not work well with others. She can be passive or direct in her communication, but English is her second language. Lisa’s culture dictates that she should agree with leaders. Karl, 55, is the Manager of Security and Investigations at Capital Energy for 8 years. He is an early employee at Capital Energy who understands the company, culture, and vision. He works well in teams and loves to be of service to others. Karl is liked by everyone, and his communication style can be passive or direct. Question: Team DevelopmentClick the ‘scenario’ button below to review the topic and then answer the following question:The team has come to a conclusion regarding Tilt Battery company, and they present their findings to leadership. Kim, the CEO, finds their research fascinating and praises their efforts. They will not be wasting their time or money on Tilt Battery Company. Karl discusses how the team came together with their skills, identified tasks with knowledge, created procedures, and shared and supported one another. Marie has realized that she can work in the team environment successfully as opposed to working individually. Karl thanked everyone for their help on the task the last few weeks. Now the task is complete. Karl thinks the team deserves a bonus.Considering the completed task, explain the areas the team should focus on for negotiating a bonus for their work.

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