Academy for Jewish Religion Informative Speech Audience Analysis Essay


Audience Analysis #1 (Informative Speech)


Consider the criteria for the Informative Speech and think of possible topics for the speech that will allow you to fulfill these criteria. (Note: You should consider the questions below as you brainstorm.)
Decide on a topic for the Informative Speech.
Review relevant chapters to assist with answering questions.
Write your Audience Analysis #1 paper (at least 1 page, double-spaced) by answering the questions below.
Please note that you will have to draw on ALL the chapter readings completed thus far for this assignment – especially chapters 1-5, 12 and 14.


In general, the topic you choose for the Informative Speech assignment should be interesting, relevant, and understandable to the audience (your classmates). As such, the Audience Analysis #1 paper provides an opportunity for you to analyze the audience and think about ways to make your speech topic interesting, relevant, and understandable.


What is the purpose of this speech? In other words, what is it that you want your audience to learn from your speech?
Why do you think it’s important for the audience to be informed about your topic? Why is it relevant to them? How does it affect them?
In what ways will you convince your audience that your topic is important for them to listen to (e.g., hypothetical example, statistics, testimony, etc.)? Note: You may want to use one of these methods as your attention-getting device in the introduction of your speech.
Based on what you know about your audience (especially, their prior knowledge on the topic), what type of organizational pattern will you use to organize the body of the speech in order to maintain their interest and/or help them better understand your topic.

Textbook for the course is Speech Craft by Josh Gunn.

The topic is (How social media lowers self-esteem)

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