American University Counterintelligence in US the USSR and Great Britain Essay


Considers this problem: 
What role does counterintelligence play in securing the interests of the modern nation state. The practice of counterintelligence is more than capturing enemy spies.  Therefore, we examine the roll that counterintelligence plays in supporting intelligence and national security in modern nation states.  It also looks at problems that arise with such practices, especially in the context of western democracies where counterintelligence practices may have an impact on the rights and liberties of those democracies’ citizens.Students will work to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of counterintelligence (CI) and its role in protecting a nation’s security interests from foreign intelligence entities. Students will study and analyze CI, learn and discuss multi-discipline CI support to intelligence operations and the CI collection process, and analyze how political, legal, cultural, and technological changes affect CI in several nations.Consideration will be made of the differences between passive and active CI measures, principles and processes of counterintelligence and its relationship to covert action, the ethics of counterintelligence, and the evaluation of CI successes and an estimate of the damage caused by failures. The student will develop a comprehensive knowledge of the use and practices of counterintelligence, especially in protecting homeland security and national security interests against foreign adversaries. Additionally, the collection process and the changes for the future in the infusion of CI technology will be discussed.These subjects will be developed by considering the modern evolution of counterintelligence and the comparison of diverse CI activities across four focus countries – the United States, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom and the People’s Republic of China.

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