APA format 7-8 pages Select an educational site such as a PreK–12 school distric


format 7-8 pages
an educational site such as a PreK–12 school district, university, or corporate
training center. Create a comprehensive proposal that includes technology-related
recommendations based on evaluation data collected for the previous year.
The data includes several forms of
assessments that indicate different types of student achievement categories and
the success of technology usage among all staff.
Present your data in organized fashion with
charts, tables, and lists of statistics describing student achievement and the
amount of technology integration within each program.
The data should indicate positive or
neutral links between technology use and academic achievement and/or staff
Your recommendations should include better
use of existing technology, projected purchases over a 5-year period, future
and long-range staff development, and the incorporation of newer or upgraded
technologies into various programs.
Your data should also include how the
current technology is beneficial. The emphasis here is on different programs
within one larger institution.
Your recommendations should connect with
the organization’s strategic plan, the institutions comprehensive technology
plan, and other possible operational planning programs already in place to
upgrade or introduce new programs.

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