APUS Comparative Analysis Methods and their Applications Discussion


408 This threat brief will include information on both traditional and non-traditional CI threats. Utilizing the information gathered, respond to the following. Summarize your brief, including your research methods and sources of information. What were the main threats facing the traveler? What are some of the things you might have told them to look out for? Where did you find the bulk of your information? If this was a “real” briefing, where else might you have looked for information? Use examples, demonstrate you have read the materials, and apply critical thinking skills. 402 Examines the comparative analysis methods. From it, you will understand how to use this method to enhance analysis of data for intelligence products. Respond to the following question: Do you see this as a method that will enhance your ability to input data into analysis?Are there portions of this process that you may use, but modify to make it easier to use? If so what?

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