Article Comparison and question



Read these two articles from the Sage Student Study Site:

Reflections on the Future of Organization Development (Links to an external site.)
Christopher G. Worley and Ann E. Feyerherm
The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, March 2003; vol. 39, 1: pp. 97-115.

Review Article: The past, present and future of organization development: Taking the long view Bernard Burnes and Bill Cooke (Links to an external site.)
Human Relations, November 2012; vol. 65, 11: pp. 1395-1429., first published on July 4, 2012

These articles, published almost 10 years apart, offer different perspectives on the future of organization development. To what extent has the Worley and Feyerherm future been realized (or not) in the past 10 years? What does the Burnes & Cooke article have to say on the future of OD? How does that compare with what you read in Chapter 16? What do you see as important future trends in OD?


Take a few moments to reflect on what you have learned in Week 7, 8 and 9 of the course. Write a reflective paragraph summarizing your thoughts.

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