Ashford University Week 5 Quality Control Discussion

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Quality Control Role Play Activity [WLOs: 1,   2] [CLOs: 1, 3]
Prior   to beginning work on this discussion forum, read Chapter 22 of your textbook.
Imagine   that you oversee quality control for a production line in a candy company.   The production line is responsible for filling 12 ounces of candy in packages   labeled with weight of 12 oz.
Package   weights need to be in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission and the   Food and Drug Administration regulations. Underweight packaging can cause   issues with these regulatory groups and may also cause customer complaints.   Overweight packages will reduce the profits and result in inaccurate costs   for each package.
As   a quality control manager, you are to maintain the mean weight of 12 ounces   as labeled on the candy packages. You are tasked with defining a quality   control technique to achieve this goal. Explain why you believe that this   quality control technique will help the company achieve its quality control   goal.
In   your post,

Based on   your research, identify the acceptable weight range tolerance for the candy   packages (i.e., plus or minus 1 ounce). Support your decision with credible   sources.
Explain in   detail the quality control process you recommend.
Explain   why the process will be acceptable by government regulators.
Explain   how your technique would reject the out of limit packages.

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