Assignment: Small-Scale Qualitative Research Project—Conducting the Interviews


We are in Week 3 now. This week you will begin planning the interview process. Next week, you will take into consideration the feedback from your Instructor on your Interview Guide completed in Week 2. You will then conduct your interviews with the two participants identified in Week 1 and will start the interview transcription process. Note: The final interview transcriptions are due by Day 7 of Week 4.To prepare for this Assignment, review the Required Media on planning and conducting interviews in preparation for conducting your interviews next week. Each interview should last 15–20 minutes and must be audio-recorded because this is the standard for good practice in qualitative research interviews. Be sure to consider the different options for recording the audio of your interviews, including programs like Audacity, Sony Acid Xpress, and others. Don’t forget to save each interview audio recording as an MP3 file in case your Instructor asks to review it.

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