Assignment: Sourcing Plan for a Selected Position, management homework help


Dell is hiring. After years of shedding staff, they are expanding their sales, engineering, and marketing forces. Research what jobs they have open now and pick one. Then recommend sourcing methods to fill this type job. Consider if they should look internally, externally, or externally internationally?

After reading this assignment, conduct independent research to help support your paper. Then in a 2 – 3 page paper create a sourcing plan to fill this job and address the following:

Provide an overview of the purposes of a sourcing plan
Identify 4 key points about a staffing plan
Create the staffing plan for this position:
Desired employee(s) profile
Recruiting source choices
Recommended sources for this position
Provide your conclusion and make sure to adress the importance of sourcing plans
Be sure to use APA style with at least two sources cited

Note: Abstract, Introduction, Assessment and Conclusion are required

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