BHIS 503 Leadership Communication Skills Worksheet



Read the introduction, required readings, and conduct research about the following:
Core leadership communication skills and assessment (Barrett, 2014).
AMIA-CAHIIM leadership core competency skills for health informaticians at a master’s degree level (Valenta, et al., 2018).
Physicians: AMIA defined core competencies for Clinical Informatics Sub-specialists (Silverman, 2019).
Use research and supplemental readings as needed.
Assignment—Communication for Leadership
Complete the Minute Paper survey

Complete the leadership skills self-assessment checklist (attached below) and calculate your communication skills results.
Answer the essay questions listed in the assessment form based on your results. Apply the knowledge you learned from the readings and your research. Note the rubrics. This requires some self-reflection, critical thinking, and research.
Submit your completed checklist and answer summaries to the assignment folder. Citations and references as appropriate.

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