Burghy v Dayton Racquet Club Case Study help , Management homework


Read the case study, Burghy v. Dayton Racquet Club,  and in a written paper, respond to case questions .1. What does the FCRA require regarding disclosure and authorization for obtaining a credit report? Why did the court conclude that this employer’s disclosure was in compliance with the FCRA?2. When does  an adverse action occur under the FCRA? What must a employer do before taking adverse actions based on the contents of a credit report? Why was there a “genuine issue of material fact” as to whether the employer took the required actions in this case?3.The details of the plaintiff’s finances are not divulged in the judges decision. But even if her credit score was very low, why should that result the termination from a job that she has performed for seven years? Does it make sense to base decision about hiring or retention on an applicant’s or employee’s finances and credit standing

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