BUS 330 Ashford University Week 5 Global Warming Ready Ads by Diesel Discussion




Week 5 Lecture
Are Diesel’s “Global Warming Ready” Ads Evil … or Fun? (Links to an external site.)
Truthiness and Consequences: Today’s Consumer Trend of Values-Based Shopping (Links to an external site.)

As a means of demonstrating their social responsibility, many companies engage in causes or green marketing efforts; however, such efforts can backfire. In recent years, the terms greenwashing and cause washing have emerged to refer to marketing efforts that capitalize on the goodwill associated with environmental or charitable causes but reflect minimal commitment. In this discussion forum, you’ll read about Diesel company’s “Diesel Global Warming Ready” campaign in the Are Diesel’s “Global Warming Ready” Ads Evil … or Fun? Article and also the cause washing phenomena. Then you’re going to judge if it is green marketing or greenwashing and how it impacts your likelihood to purchase from this brand.


1. Was this a corporation putting their environment principles ahead of their financial goals? Or was this just a brilliant way to grab headlines and sell their brand? Or was it both?

2. Do you judge this campaign to be more green marketing or greenwashing? Why? Would this campaign make you more or less likely to buy from Diesel brand? Why?


1. Evaluate this statement: “Organizations large, and small, local and global, are expected to adhere to behavior that is socially responsible, culturally sensitive, and sustainable in terms of the entire market system—not merely one organization’s self-interest.”

Justify your rational with one example. (Just one paragraph)

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