BUS 6320 CSU Global Strategic Management Case Study Discussion


InstructionsThis assignment utilizes a case depicting a real-life situation of which you
will conduct a detailed case analysis. This will involve reading the provided
case, researching the company, identifying a problem/challenge and compiling
three to five potential alternatives that could solve the problem. Finally, you
will conduct additional research in order to determine which of the
alternatives you will recommend, including your rationale and supporting
research. First, read the following case that will be the basis of this case study:
“IBM at the Crossroads.” You will use the attached Case Analysis Template to complete this assignment.
This analysis should include the use of the CSU Online Library to provide
supporting documentation as well as the financial statements of the
organization. It is expected that a minimum of three managerial tools be used including
(but not exclusively) political, economic, sociocultural, technological,
ecological, and legal (PESTEL), strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and
threats (SWOT), Porter’s Five Forces, balanced scorecard, gap analysis, root
cause analysis and/or McKinsey 7-S Model. These tools are explained within
the Unit I and Unit II lessons of this course and could be presented within
the analysis in table format. Your completed case study must be at least five pages in length, and you
must use at least five peer-reviewed academic sources that are no more than 5
years old. Follow APA 7th edition Style when constructing this assignment, including
in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note
that no abstract is needed. Utilization of the provided template will guide
you through the case analysis process.

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