bus302 week 1 discussion response c.s, management homework help


Respond in 3 sentences or more.Over the years I have worked for many different managers. The most important quality to me is integrity. Integrity is usually at the core of the person. They don’t change to try and impress or get caught up in lies. There needs to be trust and honesty for a working relationship to thrive. I worked for a manager who has impeccable integrity. He is admired and trusted by many. People are willing to follow him and take chances because they believe in his morals and truthfulness. I think this trait is mainly innate, but can be improved upon. I realize people make mistakes and can learn from them. Those who don’t have integrity are eventually burned and those around them see their true character. I notice those with integrity want others around them to succeed. The management style is more to serve others. They aren’t worried about only themself and know that if the individuals on their team succeed, they will all succeed together.Here is a great article on Leadership and Integrity: https://leadonpurposeblog.com/2012/01/21/leadershi…

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