Business Communications Project


┬áThe purpose of which is to test your business communication newly found knowledge by having you write a report. ┬áLet’s assume the report is directed at the US Congress or the European Competition Bureau and it addresses the significant influence and concentrations of market power in the Technology group (the group identified in the Congressional Report identified below.┬á
Reference the 2020 Congressional Report on Competition in Digital Markets which you will find posted elsewhere in Blackboard Content.
Go to Appendixes in the Report ┬á(A – D ┬á┬ápages 406 – 450)
Choose Any Two from the Lists of the M&A Transactions completed by Each Company (Apple, Amazon, Facebook & Google) and provide your view on how the eight transactions you picked contribute to the Businesses of Each Company and How these eight transactions might contribute to Each Company’s Monopolistic Characteristics. ┬áInclude in your response the following:
i) Identify the two acquisitions for each that you selected
ii) Identify what the two acquired  companies do, their product or service
iii) the price paid if available (publicly) (you may have to look for this online)
iv) How the acquisition contributes toward the Monopolistic Characteristics of each technology company
v) If you were a Policy Regulator (say Department of Justice or Federal Trade Commission or Bureau of Competition) what changes in structure would you propose in each case to facilitate competition and disperse market power fairly

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