Canadian Political Regime Discussion


What is the most important attribute of the Canadian political regime?
What is the most important event that shaped Canadian politics?

What is the most important reform that should be undertaken in Canada

Refrences to be used:…

*** Scientific references are credible sources. They have been published by an academic publisher (established or university presses for books; peer-reviewed scientific journals for scientific articles). Sometimes, though, it is relevant to mobilize references that come from daily newspaper articles (e.g. The Winnipeg Free Press, The Star, Toronto Sun, The Globe and Mail, etc.)•

You better have a proper introductory paragraph:
• Put the question you are about to answer in its proper context
• Identify a counter-argument to what you are about to say? (not necessary, but good)
• Announce the sequence of your arguments (how will you be answering to the question?)

The body of your answer:
• Argument #1
• Argument #2
• (Argument #3…)

The conclusion:
• State clearly, in a concise manner, your answer to the question asked (repeat the ”headline” of
your argument).

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