Capella University Financial Impacts of New Hires & Creating Stakeholder Buy In Paper


inancial Impacts of New Hires and Creating Stakeholder Buy-In

For this discussion, you will try to illustrate how the benefits of hiring a HIM professional outweigh the costs associated with the new hire.

In your main post:

Identify the costs associated with hiring a new HIM professional. Consider costs such as:
Advertising the position.
Time reviewing resumes and conducting interviews.
Compensation package.
Identify ways that the new HIM professional will benefit the organization. Consider benefit areas such as:
Patient experience.
Employee experience.
Select a stakeholder group of the organization and explain how you could message the benefits of the new hire to appeal directly to that stakeholder group.

Support your post with at least one peer-reviewed source, using course readings or other scholarly literature. Include APA-formatted in-text citations and accompanying congruent APA-formatted references.

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