Capstone Consulting, was hired by MovieFlix, assignment help


Your company, Capstone Consulting, was hired by MovieFlix, a company that provides subscription service for on-demand Internet streaming media and DVD-by-mail within the U.S. You are the consultant that Capstone has decided to assign the MovieFlix case to. To complete your assignment, you will need to do the following: Research your business issue. ***You will need to use a minimum of 4 credible sources for your research, with 2 being academic sources, such as a book or an academic scholarly journal. In 3 pages, describe the problem: “Finding the right staff, retaining them, and ensuring they buy into the vision of the business”: What is the problem?
Why is it a problem for businesses?
Why does this problem exist or what causes it?
What are some of the consequences if the problem goes
unsolved? Remember to use proper tone in your paper. You are speaking from a “consultant” point of view. Your audience is the Leadership Team at MovieFlix. ——————————————————————————————————————————- IMPORTANT THINGS TO KNOW:Make sure to write your paper utilizing proper APA formatting guidelines, and to include an APA formatted title page.***A note about credible sources: Credible sources are reliable, accurate, and trustworthy. These sources are written by authors respected in their fields of study. You want to identify sources where the author of the article is listed, if they’ve referenced other information, the sources should be cited so that you can check for the accuracy of and support what they have written. Wikipedia is not considered a credible source. For more information on credible sources, please visit the Rasmussen Online Library.You must provide the web address links to your references/sources and cite ALL references used in the paper with quatations: “example” and underlined.

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