Case Study: SUBPRIME DEPARTMENT BLUES, management homework help


“Subprime Department Blues”Ā 
Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills

Andrew J. DuBrinĀ – 2012 – ?Business & Economics

One student plays the role of Todman, who wants to The “Subprime Department Blues” Mary Chen had been the manager of the subprime mortgage departmentĀ …

Please read and analyze this case on page 31 of your textbook. Provide a good, strong case analysis of the problems in the case and propose a solution which you feel would improve or solve the problem(s) posed in this case. Then answer the 3 questions at the end of the chapter.Ā 

All work MUST be written in proper APA format using at least 2 credible outside sources beyond the textbook. Ā Be sure to cite and reference all you writings in proper APA format

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