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Course Project Outline

This week you will create a full-length outline of your Course Project (i.e. a map of what you plan to discuss in your paper). This means you need to choose between your two possible topics, do further research, and come up with a working thesis statement. Then create an outline of what you will cover in your paper and how you will support your thesis statement. Your outline should also include a list the sources you would like to use in your paper (remember you must have at least three sources in your paper). If you aren’t sure how to create an outline, see the instructions and video below.

You should review the requirements of your Course Project Instructions Download Course Project Instructions download before you complete your draft. The Thesis Statement and Essay Plan download may also help, but be sure to expand this basic structure to meet the requirements of your assignment.

How to Create an Outline

To create an outline:

Place your thesis statement at the beginning.
List the major points that support your thesis. Label them in Roman Numerals (I, II, III, etc.).
List supporting ideas or arguments for each major point. Label them in capital letters (A, B, C, etc.).
If applicable, continue to sub-divide each supporting idea until your outline is fully developed. Label them 1, 2, 3, etc., and then a, b, c, etc.

For a video on how to create an outline for college paper, watch this short YouTube video.

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