CC Generalizations in Cultural Profiles Produce Stereotypes of Cultures Discussion


Please answer 2 out of the 3 questions.Q1. Many people in the world understand and relate to others only in terms of their own culture (i.e., self-reference criterion). Moreover, many people forget that generalizations in cultural profiles will produce stereotypes of cultures. Please discuss these two issues based on “Do Muslim Women Really Need Saving” OR “Images.”Q2. Samuel R. Huntington argued that “interaction” and “borrowing” between civilizations have always taken place. Please support his view by providing examples based on “McDonald’s in Japan: Changing manners and etiquette.”Q3. “When entering a country inquire of its customs. When crossing a border inquire of the prohibitions” (Li Chi 1971: 17). Please discuss the importance of market research for doing global marketing based on “International Marketing Blunders by American Firms in Japan.”For “each” answer, please limit it to one page (single-spaced; 12 point font; 1′ margin).In other words, your two answers together should not go over two pages.

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