CIS130 Northern Virginia Community College Introduction to Database Paper


The Structure of Data

First learn about the structure of data such as Key,Value pairs, trees, document-oriented data, collections, arrays, tables, XML, JSON

Research the structure of data and demonstrate the different types of data such as key, value pairs, trees, collections, arrays, and tables.

Perform JSON tutorials at

Perform XML tutorials at

Model your checkbook using JSON, XML, and a table

Submit your models in Moodle Using the provided link before the deadline


If in Task Week 2, Step 1:

When clicking on “Perform JSON tutorials at”

It does NOT work and you get “404 – The page cannot be found”,


Click on the next line as “Perform XML tutorials at”

It will open up, then: From search button, search for JSON

*** Note and Tip for Task 2: After reviewing about JSON and XML from the provided URL or from Oracle (, then search for JSON and XML), as a typical Model, build a Database (DB) Table including Attributes (Fields) and one or two sample record (sample values for the given attributes). As you know in Table, the records are your Table’s Rows and Attributes are the Columns. In this Model the Attributes (columns) should be for a typical Bank Checking Account like First Name, Last Name, Middle Initial (MI), Account #, Bank Routing Number, Banking Action performed (like Deposit, Withdraw, Checking Balance, and etc.), Home Address, Phone Number, Account Balance and many other field. Just simulate a Bank Checking Account and include Attributes (Columns – Fields ) that you need for that.

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