Citadel Border Security Responsibilities of Various Government Entities Infographic

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I’m working on a political science project and need a sample draft to help me learn.

create an infographic detailing the border security responsibilities of the various government entities at the national and sub-national levels. Use can you any visual presentation mechanism you choose (e.g. PowerPoint, other presentation software, or hand illustrations). Here is the template, again it doesn’t have to be this sophware, it can be any kind however this is an example:…course syllabus:Border security is a crucial part of our country¬ís homeland security efforts; however, many do not realize its complexity. Securing the nation¬ís borders is a multifaceted and complex task comprised of often seemingly competing objectives that cross over multiple homeland security domains, as well as jurisdictions. This course examines the United States¬í approach to securing its borders within the larger context of homeland security. Students will analyze our nation¬ís border security strategies, policies, agencies, coordinating structures, and the associated legal and jurisdictional authorities through which border security is effectuated. Students will also assess the various internal and external threats and hindrances to securing America¬ís borders that still persist. This course is designed to enhance the student¬ís ability to think critically about border security and our nation¬ís approach to securing its borders. It will equip the student with the necessary knowledge to effectively evaluate current border security strategies as well as propose policy changes related to border security in order to enhance the nation¬ís homeland security posture.

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