CNS 100 UCD Relationship Marketing Customer Engagement & Marketing Stimuli Essay


Carefully read and answer the questions in two or more paragraphs, answer every section of the question.

What is relationship marketing? How might relationship marketing be used by marketers to become “closer” to consumers? (10 points)
Identify what perceptual selection is and comment on the types of barriers that prevent clear perception and reception of marketing stimuli. (10 points)
Compare and contrast classical and instrumental (operant) conditioning. Give one example of each. (10 points)
The process of stimulus generalization is often central to branding and packaging decisions that attempt to capitalize on consumer’s positive associations with an existing brand or company name. In this context, list and briefly discuss the four strategies based on stimulus generalization presented in the text book (or in the lecture). (10 points)
Product involvement is a consumer’s level of interest in a particular product. Highly involving if the consumer believes there is perceived risk, name five perceived risks. Indicate the kinds of consumers most vulnerable to each risk, and indicate the types of products most sensitive to each. (10 points)

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