Collective Security and the Rise of Hitler Discussion


This week we are diving into and digesting Nye Ch. 4 regarding the history of Collective Security, the Rise of Hitler and World War II.

Last week, covered the various individual, domestic and systemic issues that led up to World War I (“WWI”) and beyond. Notably, you learned about the legacies of WWI and, specifically, the impact of Treaty of Versailles on Germany and the other national players.

The Treaty of Versailles ended WWI and identified Germany as being solely responsible for the war, its carnage and financial losses. The Treaty imposed enormous financial and demilitarizing penalties on Germany.

With this in mind, please research and write a 3-4 page paper exploring the following issues. Please make certain to have at least two (2) sources other than or in addition to the Nye textbook.

1. What is your understanding of collective security and how/why did it fail following WWI and the lead up to WWII – please be specific in the historical events that gave rise to WWII;

2. How did the Treaty of Versailles effect German citizens and leadership?

3. How did the Treaty help bring Adolph Hitler to power? Look at specific speeches and analyses of his rise to elected office.

4. What were Hitler’s early policies and programs once taking office?

5. How was Hitler’s Germany viewed by the rest of the International Community? Specifically, who were Germany’s allies and who were her enemies? And, why?

As always, include footnotes/in-text notes and a bibliography. NOTE: the 3-4pages are NOT to include your bibliography. Finally, do not submit your paper in .txt format, as it is unreadable once uploaded. Thanks!

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