College of Southern Maryland Colgate Palmolive Co Financial Analysis


Go to any financial website of your choosing (such as Yahoo Finance (Links to an external site.) or the main website for your assigned corporation) and locate the financial statements for your assigned corporation. Note that certain websites, such as Morningstar (Links to an external site.), will allow you to export the data to Excel for free which might simplify your Excel calculations.

Now refer to Table 3.8 Download Table 3.8in the text.

1) Using an Excel spreadsheet, you will create a three-year ratio trend analysis from the financial statements for your assigned corporation. The trend will consist of the following ratios:

Current Ratio and the Quick Ratio from the “I. Short term solvency, or liquidity, ratios” category
Return on Assets Ratio and the Return on Equity Ratio from the “IV. Profitability ratios” category
Price Earnings Ratio and the Price Sales Ratio from the “V. Market value ratios” category.

Then provide a one-page (minimum) discussion about what each trend indicates for your assigned corporation. Is the trend good or bad, why?

2) Using the investing dot com study guide Download investing dot com study guide, find the industry ratios for your corporation (you will also find the earnings growth rate here). Note that the ratios provided in for your assigned corporation may not match your part (1) calculations exactly.

Compare your calculated ratios for your assigned corporation to the industry ratios. Then provide a one-page (minimum) discussion that details whether your assigned corporation is performing better or worse than the industry based on the definitions of the six ratios. Are your calculated trends from part (1) moving closer to or farther away from the industry averages? Is this good or bad?

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