Colorado Technical University Annual Report Readability Response


Respond to two peers’ initial posts with additional recommendations on content or strategies to find content relevant to building a more thorough understanding of their agency in its community context.Student post down below:Examining the documents in the Riverbend One-Stop Center provide some insight into the information my agency provides both privately and publicly. I currently work at a non-profit counseling center specializing in the treatment of problem gambling. Our clients can be self-referred, referred by a spouse, or mandated by the courts and are facing severe legal penalties. A lot of the financial documents shown in the One-Stop are similar in nature to the ones our agency releases. Since we are a state funded, not for profit, we must publish an annual report with program and financial overviews. However, none of our client information is publicized on our website nor on most internal documents. We our bound by privacy laws where all of our client’s information, including their names are kept confidential. They use first name and last initial only.Unlike One-Stop information, our agency does document and publicize our collaborations with other addictions center. It would have been nice to see some of the One-Stop collaborations with other River Bend organizations documentation. Heat and Isbell (2017) explored four roles in organizing and documenting a collaboration; the convener, the facilitator, the process observer, and the recorder. Each role seems critical in coordinating, facilitating and documenting the outcomes of collaborations. Particularly the recorder. In my opinion, I think it is critical for non-profits or publicly funded agencies to be transparent and provide the ability for the public to access meeting agendas and the corresponding minutes. Our agency does not have a large administrative staff so our executive director will sometimes play all four roles outlined in the text. However, she uses technology including a recording device to document and transcribe important meetings, such as our monthly board of directors meeting.

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