Colorado Technical University Smart Bus Wireframe Paper


Assignment Instructions

In this assignment, you will build a wireframe for a mobile application for a SmartBus concept. You will play the role of a product manager for UrbanMobility, a startup company, that is exploring new solutions for urban mobility problems. A specific problem you have identified is the transportation of children to and from school in urban areas. The key activities in this assignment include the following.

Key activities:

Identify the jobs to be done for parents and children.
Create a wireframe for a mobile application for a SmartBus concept.
Go over the attached resource to learn more about urban mobility issues for kids, customer insights, and parents persona. All of this information will help you in completing your assignment.
Use the templates on slides 15 and 16 to complete part A of the assignment – outlining the jobs to be done.
For part B, you will use a wireframing tool called Balsamiq to create the wireframe for the SmartBus concept. Refer to slides 18-19 for more information about the concept, and slide 20 to know how you can download and use Balsamiq for this assignment.

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