COM 510 Strayer University Week 2 Topic Proposal


Submit your proposal topic and audience analysis to your instructor for review using the template provided:

Here are your topic choices:Internal PromotionNew Job Opportunity Interview Pitching a Project IdeaMini TED TalkTopic of Your Choice Approved by Your Professor (must be approved by the professor before you proceed)————————————————————————————————————————————–Here are some tips for success on this particular assignment- You are required to use the template- You must write a paragraph or more for each prompt. If you only write a sentence or two your score will not be very high. Keep in mind I am looking for the WHY behind your answer. So don’t just give me a statement but back it up with an example or some type of support.- Do review the grading rubric.Remember, you will be scored by how well you meet the assignment’s expectations and match the grading rubric. The more effort you give the higher your score will be.

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