COMM 525 UNC Koehling Flannery Consulting Organizational Communication Case Report


case report 
For this portion of the consulting case, you are–as an organizational communication consultant–to prepare a written report that identifies the problems and possible solutions to an organization’s problems.  Early in the semester, you will be presented with a general overview of the organization that will identify many of the basic features of the organization.   
We were given the chance to ask the organization, my teacher, questions that may help with the case report but I do not have access to the running document ent with it. If you need it, I can try to get it but I’m not a hundred percent sure I can.Here are a few terms that may be of use:*Direct control-close supervision of employees *Technological control-controls speed of work-both workers and customers subject to technological control *Bureaucratic control-Max Weber-system of rules and formal structure -defining feature of modern organizations-routinizing work-scheduling classes *Ideological control-identification with beliefs and values -little direct supervision necessary -corporate culture *Disciplinary control-bottom line form of control-focus on self as a project-finding meaning in work-breaking down work-life boundaries -post-fordist organization-employees have a sense of insecurity-self branding-people are now becoming free agents so to speak

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