COMM D001 De Anza College Information Literacy and Reading Respons


1. Information Literacy:…
2. Reading Response:
Chapter 17: Persuasive Speaking
Chapter 5: Audience Analysis
You can access the complete book online (  
Reading Response
A reading response is a technique to read and understand new material. It is up to you how long this will take. If it looks like an easy chapter or topic, you can skim the chapter and will be done quickly. If it looks like a hard chapter or topic you should spend some more time to carefully read and familiarize yourself with the terminology and identify the questions you have so you will be able to follow the assignments.


EVERY DAY we have reading, complete the following.  Keep in mind, when we have multiple chapters (and we usually do), complete the response for the reading as a whole (DO NOT write the reading response for each individual chapter). So the response can come from a mixture of the chapters.

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