CSUN Contemporary International Affairs Essay


Please answer two of the following essay questions and use systemic or sub systemic levels of analysis depends which one applies to each question. Please do not bid on the question if you don’t know what levels of analysis is as the teacher mainly focuses on this when grading the paper. This should be 10 pages long with a reference page. 1- Select an issue or event in contemporary international affairs. How might global governance be involved in addressing this situation? Has there been any evidence of global governance? Why/why not? Does the role of global governance for the issue that you have selected illustrate more of the perils or promise of global governance? Explain. 2- How should the United States view UN, as an asset or obstacle, in achieving progress internationally? Explain, using a case study as example in which the UN was involved or could potentially have been involved. Be sure to be analytical. Would you have given the same opinion 10 years ago? Explain.3- Describe regime theory. Show how regime theory can be used to explain how a situation in contemporary international affairs has been addressed. Would you say the application of regime theoretical considerations lends greater transparency to the nature of the situation than might otherwise be the case with the standard realist and idealist paradigms? Explain, showing what might happen with the situation absent the application of a regime theoretical approach. 4- How would you assess the track record of the United Nations? To what do you attribute your assessment? Provide an issue that occurred since the end of the cold war to illustrate your position. Has the UN outlived its usefulness, in your opinion? Explain.5- I told you that in the history of efforts at international organization efforts at collective action have ranged from coordination to cooperation and, ultimately, collaboration. Provide examples of international efforts that exemplify each of these types of actions. Explain how each was possible.6- What is your evaluation of the effectiveness of multilateralism today, positive or negative? Explain. Provide a situation in which multilateralism was either involved, or failed to be involved, to illustrate your view. What was the alternative to multilateralism that was involved? Explain why that alternative provided a more positive or negative approach.7- Discuss the current situation with the global economy. What would you suggest would be the best way to approach a resolution from the standpoint of international organization? Explain. Has that approach been tried? Why/why not? What are the keys to the progress that will likely be made, in your view? 8- Select a nation or issue in contemporary world affairs. Imagine yourself to be an advisor to that nation’s leadership. Of the menu of possible options for addressing the situation, which would you advise the leader to employ? Explain why you believe that the option that you have selected will likely affect a favorable outcome. Which option would you suggest should be avoided? Explain. Be sure to be analytical.9- Consider candidates for POTUS in the 2020 election. Assessing their platforms, which would you suggest would have been the most amenable to the concept of global governance? Which, the least? Explain your response for both by citing a policy position that they took. Using levels-of-analysis, which you argue makes the most sense from the standpoint of prevailing variables? In other words, whose approach would you argue would have been more constructive for US interests and global amity? Explain.

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