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Respond to two peers’ initial posts with a critique of how well the problem aligns with the organization’s mission and services and with recommendations, potential refinements, or other complex community problems that this organization would be a designated leader.Student post down below:(Yomika)In the discussion in Unit 3, you identified a complex community problem in your local community that could benefit from interagency collaboration. In this discussion, you are asked to reevaluate the complex community problem that you identified. Because you are going to be the leader for this new initiative, you need a social problem that aligns with your organization’s mission and services. If your identified complex community problem does not align with the agency’s mission, provide another option.Grovetown residents value the character and diversity of their city, the strong sense of community, and the easy access to recreational opportunities. Concern about maintaining the current economic development trend, providing for adequate infrastructure and ensuring adequate recreational and educational opportunities for its old and new citizens are issues that the city is continuously trying to address. As a leader I will reach out to the community by conducting surveys and other resources which the community can voice their opinions about how these opportunities can make these this happen for all the citizens of this town. Having engagement from the community is important because organizations and communities can make decisions to create social capital. When the community has a role in decision making that affects them, it makes them feel important. By leaders brocading the way they see responsibilities.

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