Cuyamaca College Perceptual Process Discussion

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1. What do you notice about others? 
2. What do you notice in the various environments you occupy?
To help you answer questions 1 & 2, take a few minutes to sit down and think about something you always notice about others, that it seems others don’t. For example:
“I always notice that the tops of people’s refrigerators are dirty.”
“I always notice when people say “like” a lot when they are talking.”

“I always notice the artwork on the sets of TV shows.”

Next, identify and write down the reason you always notice these things. For example:

“I’m tall and I see the tops of refrigerators.”

“I am a speech teacher and pay attention to people’s speech.” 

“I am an artist and like to look at art.”

Then, extend your analysis of this example through the remaining three steps in the perception process:  
Organization: What frameworks do you often put this situation into?
Interpretation: What meaning do you attach to this stimulus?

Negotiation: How do you influence other’s interpretation of this same stimulus?

Finally, how will being aware of the perceptual process help you to become a better communicator? 

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