DDBA8151 Walden Role Leadership in Organizational Culture Discussion


For this Assignment, you will continue to familiarize yourself with Dr. Craig Marsh’s challenges and those things he must consider as he builds a new corporate culture. Imagine again that you have similar challenges, but before building a new corporate culture, you must become familiar with relevant research to make the appropriate decisions. To prepare for this Assignment, review the “Leading a Virtual Organization” videos and Case Study Guide in this week’s Learning Resources, and consider the insights gained by Dr. Marsh in his journey as an organizational leader. By Day 7 Submit a 8- to 10-page comprehensive scholarly analysis of the role leadership plays in establishing an organizational culture that includes a focus on positive social change. In your analysis, do the following: Analyze Dr. Marsh’s challenges and their influence on an organization’s culture. Summarize the leadership style you would adopt to influence the organization’s culture and why. Explain the organizational change or cultural change model or steps you would take to change the culture.As a global change agent, explain how you would infuse positive social change into your leadership style and organizational culture.Describe the incremental steps you would take given your selected model to ensure success.Explain how these steps will influence each of the challenges you face and the mitigation plan to eliminate the challenges.Delineate the key concepts you would include in your vision statement.

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