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This week we’ll focus on learning more tools to become more competent with PS; in particular, engaging our audience through language. In addition, we’ll evaluate a speech, giving us an opportunity to reflect on the various elements of a speech. (Hint: People ask me “But Roxanne, how do I make my speech interesting??? These techniques are my first answer!).

1. Watch this speech by Dr. Randy Pausch:
2. Then, respond to the prompts by Tuesday, 11:59PM:
IN ABOUT 150 – 250 WORDS:
Identify and describe at least 3 specific Attention and Interest techniques he used, using the terminology from the reading this week.
Example: Dr. Randy Pausch use the “Activity and Movement” technique when he did the push-ups…**now that I used that one, please don’t use it!**)
How well did Dr. Randy Pausch incorporate the Attention and Interest techniques you’ve read about? Be specific. 
Identify and describe at least one specific use of language as described in 13.2 and 13.3 of the textbook. Be specific and use the terminology from the book.
Describe at least one other observation you have about the speech. Be specific when connecting it to course content. 
Maybe this is related to organization, introductions, conclusions, or any other chapter you’ve read so far.
Based on the readings and video, this question can be about something you found exciting? Interesting? Confusing? Stimulating? Liberating? Frustrating? Thought provoking?
Label this question as, “Personal Reading Question” and place it at the bottom of your discussion entry. 

Reply these three students:

Morgan MarchantMondayNov 15 at 5:26pm

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Dr. Randy Pausch uses Novelty by explaining his cancer and how it is effecting not only him but also his family. He used “The vital” when he said “experience is what you get when you don’t get what you wanted. And he used Reality when he mentioned turning on the tv and seeing a man on the moon.

I really liked how he used “the vital”. He shocked people into paying attention, and his intention wasn’t to gain pity, it was to show that he was truly trying to make his last speech as good as he could, and contain all that he wanted to say.

Dr. Randy Pausch used Vivid language when explaining his experience playing little league football.

I honestly really liked his transition from childhood dreams to talking about his parents. He used humor to do so. And it was honestly a really smooth transition that kept the audiences attention.

Personal reading question:

Dr. Randy Pausch used a lot of personal experiences and life lessons. Which example shared resonated the best with you?

Hector FloresMondayNov 15 at 10:42pm

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1)Dr. Randy Pausch use the “experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want” when he was talking about the NFL.

1) Dr. Randy Pausch use the”Brick walls are there for a reason they let us prove how badly we want things” when he was getting rejected multiple times but he never gave up.

Dr. Randy Pausch use the”Don’t complain: Just work harder” when he was talking about Jackie Robinson when playing he would get spit on but wouldn’t complain about it

2)I believe that Dr. Randy incorporates the attention and interest techniques by saying that we should have fun every day because you never know what could happen to you.He also said “If you live proper the dreams will come to you ” because we live well, and if we do, our dreams will come to us without our having to chase them.

4) One observation that I have about the speech is how he wants his kid to know after they watch his speech about his life experiences.


Quynh NguyenYesterdayNov 16 at 12:37pm

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In this speech, Dr. Randy Paush has used the “Reality” technique when he showed his pictures and his families of a specific event that happened to his life to the audiences. Also, he has used the “Humor” technique when he used his mother and father’s birthday image where they were having fun on their rides or when he made a joke such as “This is my son, he is a doctor but not that kind of helps people.” Lastly, he used “The Vital” where he explained to the audience how to work and play well with others.

I think he did very well on “Activity and Movement” because I noticed how the audiences were curious about what he is doing at first and then just burst into a laugh.

One specific use of language that he used a rhythm technique which was “Repetition” when he said, “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want”.

During his speech, he has told jokes and stories a lot but it did not take over the whole speech and he successfully used his jokes appropriately.

Personal Reading Question:

Do you feel related to Dr. Randy Pausch when he mentioned that his mom let him do whatever he wants to do?

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