Describe the foundations necessary to provide safe,

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Describe the foundations necessary to provide safe, healthy, high-quality care for young children. Discuss the role of ongoing professional growth and education in the development of an early childhood professional. Use principles of sound reasoning. Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English. Write an essay that explains your philosophy on early childhood development. Include the following elements to explain your philosophy of early childhood. Describe ways to support the families you serve (i.e., communication, knowledge of services available to help families in your community, early intervention services, etc.). Explain your vision of an ideal early childhood learning environment that adheres to the guidelines of your state regarding caring for the young child. include information about learning styles and multiple intelligences in your writing. Discuss the professional development opportunities that you will take to stay up to date on your skills and knowledge of early childhood development. Conclusion: Describe your ethical responsibility to children as it applies to your vision of early childhood development and your career goal.

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