Discussion: Alignment Within Quantitative Studies, management homework help


For independent scholars, determining alignment among the key components of the quantitative prospectus is an important task within the research process. Ensuring proper alignment among the problem statement, purpose statement, and research questions/hypotheses can increase the propensity for your research to be a significant contribution to the scholarly conversation on your research topic. Also, assessing the alignment among these critical components in extant quantitative literature will provide the knowledge required to ensure proper alignment in your own professional research career.

To prepare for this Discussion, choose one of the three quantitative studies that you analyzed for your Assignment in Week 2, and consider how the key components of this study (problem statement, purpose statement, theoretical framework, research question(s), and hypotheses) did or did not align within the overall study.


Post an assessment of your chosen quantitative study utilized in Week 2. Your assessment should include the following:

Briefly describe the key components of your chosen article: problem statement, purpose statement, theoretical framework, research question(s), and hypotheses. (Note: You will attach a copy of this study to your Discussion post.)
Analyze the alignment between these components, including areas of misalignment.
Explain the level of alignment between these specific components, including any areas that may be lacking.
Recommend at least one change that could improve alignment within this study, including a rationale for your recommendation.

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