Dominican University Financial Innovation Presentation


Read the cases attached “What is Disruptive Innovation.” and “Ant Financial: Tough Boundary Choices in Innovation” Based on your analysis of the case study and the HBR paper address the following questions in a PowerPoint deck no more than 20 slides. Please feel free to use other references as necessary. All notes, references and other materials to be attached with the PowerPoint. 1. What are the external factors that drive the kind of financial innovation demonstrated by Ant Financial? 2. Applying the disruptive innovation principles of the HBR Paper “What is Disruptive Innovation,” evaluate if Ant innovation is a disruptive innovation – provide your rationale on why or why not? 3. Will Ant Financial’s innovation disrupt traditional financial services? 4. How does Ant Financial’s innovation process reflect the digital economy’s development path? 5. Where do you think Ant Financial’s innovation boundary should be?

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