EPAP Online versus Print Publication Analysis


Compare and contrast a traditional magazine experience with its digital edition (e-edition) or website online. Not familiar with magazines? Here are a few suggestions. Pick one from this list or another magazine of your choice to answer the Discussion Question below. 1. Time (Time.com) 2. InStyle (Instyle.com) 3. Entertainment Weekly (EW.com) 4. Sports Illustrated (SI.com) 5. New York magazine (nymag.com) Discussion Question: Go online and find an electronic magazine. Then answer the following questions: The title of the online magazine is _____________________________________ The digital edition (or landing page for this magazine) can be found at this URL: _________________________ 1. Who publishes the magazine? 2. How often is it published? 3. Is there a cost to access it? 4. How would you describe the readers (audience/demographic) for this publication?5. What kinds of products are advertised in this magazine? 6. Do the ads seem to “target” the desired demographic (see question 4)? How? 7. How are online magazines different from print magazines? How are they the same? What would be the advantages and disadvantages of “publishing” online versus publishing in print?

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