ER Model and Normalization – Garage Database, Restaurant Database

Q1: Garage Database [40 points] We want to design a database for a local garage. For each customer, we want to record the (unique) name, the customer address, and the contact phone number. For each vehicle, we want to record the unique vehicle’s identification number (VIN), and the vehicle’s make, model and year. For each repair job we want to record the description of the job done (maximum 200 chars), the date, and the total dollar cost. A repair job may involve zero or more parts (like, e.g., “windshield wipers”, “battery”, etc.) For each part we want to record its (unique) part number, the part name and its cost. In addition, note that: • Each customer may be the primary owner of 1 or more vehicles. • Every vehicle has only one primary owner (we ignore co-owners). • No vehicle can have more than one repair job in any given day.

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