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Please respond to this introduction in 3 sentences or more.Hi Professor Powers and Classmates,My name is Jana, I am a daughter, mother, wife, insurance agent and inspiring photographer. This is technically my third year of school but third trimester at Strayer. I previously attended College of Coastal Georgia while working crazy retail hours. After a few years of been physically burned out my family and I decided it was best for me to have a consistent work/school schedule. Last June I decided to alter the way I got my degree. I saw it best to finish online, so that I would have the opportunity to plan out my days better. So far this has been the best decision I’ve made in my whole educational career. This has given me the option to control how I spend my days. As hobbies I enjoy writing, DYI projects, photography and beauty enhancement activities. I spend most of my past time with my three year old daughter, Ryanne; she can be the equivalent to a Sour patch kid. First she sour, then she’s sweet, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. I have always been a goal driven, tunnel vision type of person and I feel these are great traits to have when you are planning to own a business. My career goals/dreams are to own a Day Spa; in this spa we will offer, a hair salon, a sauna room, full or partial body massages and there will also be mani and pedicures available. I am looking forward to this course, I believe I will learn a lot of concepts that I can use in the cooperate world and also in my personally life. I hope to gain knowledge in time management as well. Anyway, I am usually a very interactive person in the classroom, so I am ready to answer any questions any one may have! Enjoy Your Week Everyone(=

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