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Please respond to this introduction in 3 sentences or more.Good Morning Professor Powers and Classmates!My name is Melissa Kluttz, I live in Salisbury, North Carolina, this is about an hour north of Charlotte. I have lived in the same area all of my life, and I can honestly say I can never see myself living anywhere else. I have my family close by and that is important to me. I am married, my husband and I have a blended family, between us we have 5 children and 7 grandchildren! It is a big family and we are so lucky our children and their spouses get along very well. I am in my third and final year at Strayer. I decided last semester to change my degree from BA to Associates in Business Administration. It was a hard decision for me to make, as I have gotten older (I’m 51), my life has gotten busier and I always thought it would be the opposite! I have enjoyed the on-line classes and I have learned so much while at Strayer from my professors and my fellow classmates. I know that if / when I decided to continue with my BA, that I can.I have taken honors classes every chance they are available and I look forward to this Finance class. I am the “bean counter” for my husband and I, so I am anxious to learn about finance and how it can help me in my work and personal life.I am currently employed as a receptionist for a NASCAR race team. I have been involved with NASCAR for the past 17 to 18 years and have been with my current employer for 10 years. I do love my job, I am a people person and I enjoy meeting and talking to people throughout the day. I am hoping with my degree I can get a better understanding of how a business works, right now, I only see the front side and not what goes on behind the scenes.I look forward to meeting and interacting with everyone this semester!

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