Find an article that states an issue (positive or negative)

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Find an article that states an issue (positive or negative) pertaining to pharmacology that you may face in your future profession/occupational setting. Give a summary of the article including – the purpose of the article, the population most effected, any attributing factors to the issue highlighted, and in what ways did the author think this issue could be helped. lastly, you will provide a reaction to the article summarized (do you agree or disagree; do you see this as having a large impact for you personally, is it important for others in your field to be aware of, etc). Pharmacology; Primaquine Therapy Pharmacology is seen as a vibrant area in biomedical science that is tasked with the study of the action of drugs. It is basically meant to study the reaction of drugs within the body and how the different reactions occur within the body. The article “Primaquine pharmacology in the context of CYP 2D6 pharmacogenomics: Current state of the art” will be the basis of the discussion of this paper. When we consider primaquine, it can be thought of as the only antimalarial drug that is in existence for clinicians in the treatment of the reverting malarial forms. The development and use of primaquine could be dated back to the 1940’s and has always been administered to several number of people in the treatment and elimination of infections related to malaria. Scientists and medical researchers have validated that the drug could be indeed used in the treatment of malaria and it has proven to be very effective. The biological composition of the primaquine drug consists of a component that is very helpful in the treatment of malarial conditions. Primaquine therapy has some disadvantages that are associated with its application. Primaquine could cause a life threatening condition especially for the individuals with the deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD).The author to this article has further provided an analysis to the primaquine pharmacology that is aimed at understanding the topic within the context of the state of the art. The article therefore is meant to shed light into some of the state of the art developments that have been done in the primaquine medication. Malaria is caused by female anopheles mosquito. The population that is most affected by malaria is the population that lives in areas that are susceptible to existence of mosquitoes. The environment greatly matters in this case as there are areas that are mostly infested with mosquitoes. These are the people who are likely to be affected by the disease and as such there is the need to administer primaquine therapy. Primaquine is a therapy that could be used in the cure of malarial related complications.The article further highlights that a 5-day primaquine regimen for vivax malaria was assessed in a proportion of volunteers who had been infected in West Pakistan for the strain of plasmodium vivax. The treatment for each of the primary attacks was chloroquine which was 1500mg base and it was subsequently followed by the administration of primaquine. Drugs do not work in certain conditions for instance when one is a drug addict. Addiction to certain drugs like alcohol and bhang could have some significant inaction to the administration of primaquine. Drug action affects every other individual in one way or the other. The medicines we take react differently with our bodies. Different reactions are deemed to be spurred when different individuals use primaquine therapy. However, the author has highlighted that some of the actions such as alcohol consumption, caffeine consumption or even the inadvertent exposure to drugs or environmental pollutants could affect the action of primaquine.My personal reaction to this article is that primaquine therapy is very significant as it helps in the reduction of the effects of malaria. CYP 2D6 is one of the variables that is quite polymorphic among the populations and as such has added a further complexity towards understanding of the primaquine pharmacology. Primaquine is very effective in the treatment of malaria and as such is very effective for medical researchers and clinicians to do a thorough analysis and research.

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