Florida International Franks Discrimination and Regulations Violated HW


Frank is hired in February as an administrative assistant at Graphic Express, in the state of XXX. He considers it an excellent opportunity because the company has made a commitment to provide him with career development opportunities and to give him resources to complete his projects. The resources required include staff assistant. Frank and his supervisor Bradley hit it off very well, and Frank looks forward to a successful career at Graphic Express. Frank is openly gay and prefers to be honest with his colleagues. Soon after he comes to work, however, one of his coworkers, Jennifer begins making derogatory comments about gays to him. Frank tries to ignore these put-downs, but Jennifer escalates them to direct insults about Frank’s sexual orientation. The comments upset Frank. He discusses them with his partner, saying, “It hurts to be treated this way in this day and age. I thought that in this city and this company I would be left alone.” Frank and his partner agree that the best response is to continue ignoring Jennifer’s negative comments and to focus on doing a good job.

The situation takes a turn for the worse, however, when Katie, who works closely with Jennifer, brings some disturbing news to Frank. Katie says that Jennifer frequently complains about Frank to others when she’s in the employee lounge. Katie says, “Frank, I hate to be the one to tell you, but I think you should know. Jennifer’s saying you’re unfit to represent the company to customers because you’re gay. She says you tarnish the company and all of us with perverse lifestyle.”

This time Frank decides he must take action. ItÂ’s one thing to put up with remarks directed solely at himself, but misunderstanding in the presence of all his coworkers is more than he can take. He schedules a meeting with Jeff, the human resources director, and informs him of the situation. Jeff promises to look into it. The meeting takes place in early May. In late May, FrankÂ’s supervisor, Bradley, is promoted. Frank shares BradleyÂ’s elation over the promotion, but when he hears who will take BradleyÂ’s place, his heart sinks. His nemesis Jennifer will be his new supervisor. Frank decides to try to make the best of it, to ignore JenniferÂ’s hostility, and to do the best job possible.

By the end of June, Frank can see that his goals are becoming more and more difficult to achieve. Jennifer is giving Frank more and more assignments, often menial and tedious ones, and makes it clear that Frank is expected to complete them by a deadline without receiving additional staff help or overtime. The final straw comes in late July when Jennifer tells Frank he can no longer depend on the help of Deborah, the clerk who has worked most closely with him in the past.

Frank immediately goes to Jeff, the Human Resources Director. Frank brings Jeff up to date on the situation, saying: “Jeff, you said you’d look into this problem of Jennifer’s hostility toward me. It was difficult enough when she was merely slandering me. Now she’s in a position of direct power over me, and she’s setting up impossible performance standards for me. The situation has become so stressful that I have great difficulty sleeping, and I’ve putting in such long, hard, tension-filled days that I’m beginning to feel drained all the time. What can you do to relieve this situation?” Jeff promises to investigate the situation but makes no further commitment. Now it is late August, and Frank is trying to decide his next move. He feels exhausted, he has had respiratory infection for six weeks, and his doctor tells him he must get some rest.

Your team has been selected to consider all the facts and make personnel recommendation to the new HR Director of the company.

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