Florida International University Age-Friendly Community Initiative Marketing Paper


Project Objectives:

1. Can you engage the community to embrace and support the Age-Friendly Community Initiatives across age groups, ethnicity, and demographics?

2. What are the best methods to reach/communicate with the elderly population groups?

Recommend SMART Strategy (Short-Term & Long-Term) (Phase 4) –

Rationale: The next step is to define short-term and long-term SMART strategies to address project objectives 4 & 5.

• Tasks: Define short-term and long-term SMART strategies.

• Define short-term and long-term SMART strategies

o S – Specific: A specific strategy answers questions like:

-What objective needs to be accomplished?

-Who is responsible for it?

-What steps will you take to achieve it?

o M – Measurable: Quantifying your strategies (that is, making sure they’re measurable) makes it that much easier to track progress and know when you’ve reached the finish line.

-Incorporate measurable,

-Trackable benchmarks.

o A – Achievable: Achievability means ensuring that the strategies are within reach.

-Strategies should be realistic.

-It’s important to consider any limitations that might impede the strategies.

o R – Relevant: Relevance means strategies align with an organization’s values and long-term objectives.

-Strategies should contribute to long-term objectives.

o T – Timely: Strategies should be time-bound – have start and finish dates.

-Provide target dates for deliverables creates a sense of urgency.

-Outline an implementation strategy.

ONE SHORT TERM INITIATIVE and ONE LONG TERM INITIATIVE – just need some creative ideas to engage the elderly population in the community, how to help make the elderly population feel accepted and a part of the community..

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